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The Latent Ludologists Present
Chamber Chase

Starring Player One (left) as the Scarab, and Player Two (right) as the invisible Jackal.
The Scarab's goal is collect energy (Ka) while avoiding death at the hands of the Jackal. If enough Ka is collected, the Scarab will steal the Jackal's powers and become the new predator.
Special Ability: May temporarily create a wall barrier at the cost of Ka.
The Jackal's goal is to consume the Scarab. He is invisible, but not undetectable. As he passes through the environment, certain objects may react to his presence.
Special Ability: May occasionally reveal himself for a boost in speed.
Player 1--
[A][S][D]   -- Movement
[CTRL] (left) -- Special Ability
Player 2--
[<][v][>]   -- Movement
[CTRL] (right) -- Special Ability


Chamber Chase.zip 386 MB

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